Mata Kuliah yang Unik di Luar Negeri

Di bangku universitas belajar tentang film horor? Serial TV The Simpsons? Harry Potter? Begitulah kalau pendidikan di luar negeri lebih berorientasi pada pencarian ilmu dan penambahan wawasan pengetahuan, bukan sekedar selembar ijazah untuk cari kerja… berikut saya cuplik 2 dari antara 12 yang diberitakan majalah mental_floss.

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1. The Horror Film in Context (Bowdoin)

I love scary movies – especially bad ones (Chopping Mall, anyone?) That’s why I wish Bowdoin’s course “The Horror Film in Context” was offered as a graduate class at Iowa State. It’s not about the psyche of Freddy and Jason, however – students taking the class can expect to discuss why society is infatuated with horror movies and death in general.

4. The Science of Harry Potter (Frostburg State)

HarryPotter_small.jpgAnother course near and dear to my heart is “The Science of Harry Potter,” offered at Frostburg State University in Maryland. This class combines the fantastical with the physical by asking if some of the seemingly impossible things in the popular series could actually be plausible. Think about it: if there is a possibility that an invisibility cloak or a flying broomstick could actually exist, wouldn’t you want to know?
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